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  About S.O.U.L. Authors

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    Natavia Stewart, was born and raised in Annapolis Maryland. She is the mother of an amazingly-smart five-year-old son. She self published her first book in 2009, titled "Damages,” but after a while, she stopped writing. However her passion to write never left her and when she met Shan, she knew it was time to follow her dreams once more.


    In 2015 Natavia became an author of Shan Presents, Her break through series was, "Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway". Natavia is the bestselling author of; “Who Wants that Perfect Love Story Anyway,” “A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma,” “A Beauty to his Beast;” and much, much more. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her books click on the link below for her amazon page and enjoy.



     Natavia has always enjoyed reading but her favorite passion is and has always been writing. She has an outgoing personality and can be found at the following places:


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Readers Group


    Marqua'lla was born and raised in Richmond, CA.  She fell in love with reading and writing at an early age. That passion for reading and writing lead  her to an English degree in Literature and Language from CSU, Bakersfield in 2018.


    One of her fondest  memories was senior year of  high school.  Marqua'lla only needed two classes to graduate so she was able to get out  the period right before lunch. There  is a Barnes and Nobles down the street from her high school still to this day. Where she would spend her time reading  urban fiction and teen fiction; while waiting on her friends and family to get out .


    Marqua'lla signed to a paranormal fiction company in 2012 then signed with an urban fiction company in Jan. 2015.  She always had a passion for writing  the stories that  began to play in her head like a movie.  All her life she  could be caught staring into space, while a new story played out vividly in her mind. She hopes to one day soon venture back into writing paranormal and science fiction books now that she has journeyed into the indie writing scene.


    Nona loves reading erotic romance novels with a nice bottle of red wine. She enjoys spending time with family and close friends. As much as she enjoys her solitude, she does enjoy getting out occasionally to enjoy the night life with friends. She loves to laugh. Anyone that can bring her to laughter is a winner in her book. She lives in a small town in Georgia, where she was born and raised. She is the mother of one daughter.


    She is an avid reader of urban fiction and women literature as well as an author. After publishing her couple of series independently, she decided to submit her work to one of her favorite authors, Natavia Stewart. She hopes to continue to catch the eye of many readers to enjoy her love for writing.

    Readers can find her on amazon by searching Nona Day.

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Nia Venus currently lives in Colorado with her husband and toddler. When Nia entered middle school, she filled stacks of composition notebooks with dark angsty prose and poems detailing her daily life. It was her way of coping with her experience living in South Atlanta as what she deemed, “a weird black girl,” back when it wasn’t very cool to be strange. To date, she loves writing and reading romantic stories that transport her to fantastical realms where typical everyday urban life is turned on its head.


Nia received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, where her love affair with reading and writing continued to grow. She then went on to attain a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Denver, taught middle school English for three years, and after that went on to work assisting a divorce attorney’s office where she learned a lot about the complexities of romantic relationships.


Nia submitted her first novel-length manuscript, Mr. Magick, to Soul Publications in 2020. The novel follows an aspiring sorority girl on her quest to be pretty, but on the way she runs into a warlock who will change her life forever.


When she is not writing or blogging, Nia’s guilty pleasures are pole dancing, reading a self-help or psychology book, and watching Married at First Sight or 60 days in.


You can find her online:

Instagram: @NiaVenusAuthor

Twitter: @NiaVenus


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